What is Magic Email, how to write a Magic Email.

Magic email is also known as close the loop email. It is useful for business owners who have a sales process. You might have some prospects who have shown interest in your services, you probably have had meetings or discussions with them and even sent a proposal. Then they have gone cold on you by not replying your emails or call. If all the follow up methods you have employed has not worked then it’s time for you to send them a magic email. It is called a magic email because it works like magic and there is a high chance that you will get a response when you send this email. Magic email has gotten me response within minutes from prospects who went silent for months.

The reason why magic email works is that you remove the burden of expectation from the prospect. It allows you free your mind about the prospect whether they reply or not. By sending the magic email you close the sales loop and focus your energy on other things. Its two ways you either move forward or move on.

Here is an example of magic email. You can adapt and edit it to suit your situation.

“Dear {Prospect}

I haven’t heard back from you with regards to the {insert details of business}, so I’m going to assume you have gone in a different direction or your priorities have changed.

If I can be of any help in the future just let me know.

Kind Regards,”


Magic email is also known as Close the loop email and was originally seen in this Blair Enn’s article.

You can warm up leads that have gone cold by sending magic emails today. I hope it works well for you.