What Is Https and 3 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs An SSL Certificate?

What is Https?

Https means HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, while Http is HyperText Transfer Protocol. Https is the secure version of Http. Http refers to the procedure by which information is shared between websites, servers and browsers. The S in Https refers to the security and assurance that visitors to a website have their information protected. With Https on a website, visitors can provide information, perform transactions and browse through the website without fear of getting hacked or their information getting exposed.

What is SSL?

The technology that makes the information shared on website secure is known as SSL, Secure Sockets Layer. According to Instant SSL, SSL is the standard security technology (https protocol) used in establishing an encrypted connection between a web server and browsers. Information is exchanged between the browser of the visitor to a website and the server where the website is hosted.

An Https connection can be installed by using an SSL certificate which allows for data encryption. The certificate is an electronic document used to authenticate the identity and security of the website. With an https connection all the information is encrypted and this helps to prevent hacking and phishing attacks. Https connection ensures that all data exchanged between the browser and web server remains private. Information such as emails, passwords, bank card details e.t.c. When a website has https connection, the information of visitors to the website becomes protected from being hacked by people with malicious intentions. The information can include passwords, bank card details, emails addresses and contact details.

When a website doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed it means the data that will be shared online between the browser and website is not encrypted, is susceptible to attacks and hackers can gain access and view sensitive user information easily.

In 2017 Google Chrome browser started marking websites without Https connection has insecure.

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Why Your Business Website Needs An SSL Secure Connection?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO Ranking

Https connection became even more important when Google announced that having a secure connection is now one of the factors that affects website’s ranking on search engines. Google’s motive for necessitating the switch from Http to https was to ensure online security and make users safe on the web. Google has made it clear that websites will be rank based on how good the experience for user is including factors such as relevant and useful content, pagespeed and online security. A secure connection will help to boost your search engine rankings.


SSL certificates provide security for your website information and prevent your website and the information shared on it from malicious attacks. The website information could range from very sensitive information such as credit card details to basic information such as name, phone numbers and contact addresses.

Win Customers Trust

Customers can become afraid when they access your website and see that your website is not secure and shows the red warning sign with a not-secure text. Users want to protect their bank card information and avoid losses.  A non secure connection can prevent users from taking actions that help achieve your business goals. The consequences are abandonment of cart on ecommerce websites or users refusing to provide information such as names, contact addresses, email addresses, signing up for newsletters, login or other purposes. With an SSL certificate and secure connection your business can easily win customers trust and have credibility, when users see the padlock icon in the browser they will have more trust and confidence to take actions that benefit your business.

How to Install a SSL Certificate

  • Buy or issue SSL certificate online. There are both free certificates such as Let’s Encrypt and premium certificates such as Comodo which can be bought from Hosting providers. Here is a guide on the types of SSL certificates.
  • To ensure good search engine ranking you should add an Https version of your website to Google Search Console for SEO purposes.
  • You can also force Https across all pages of your website; this means ensuring users only access your website over a secure connection.

If you do not want to get your hands dirty in technical matters, you can enlist a website developer to help you with buying, issuing and installing an SSL certificate. At Helith Digital an SSL certificate is one of the things we install before launching a new website or publishing a redesign.


Having a secure connection on your website poses several benefits including establishing the trust of users to browse your website, provide information and carry out transactions where applicable. It also helps with the visibility and ranking of your business website on search engines which will in turn result in new leads and clients. A secure connection will help you prevent security breaches on your website which can cause downtime or loss in income.

Whether your website is a corporate website, ecommerce store or blog, having an Https connection is a required best practice for websites. Installing a secure connection helps protects the privacy and security of your users. In addition, your business will have an upper hand on competitors who have non-https and insecure websites.

Contact us to help with installing an SSL certificate and secure connection on your website. We help businesses establish an effective online presence by building functional websites, we will be glad to work with you.